As a qualified executive coach and mentor, I offer coaching to founders, CEOs, chief information officers, chief clinical informations officers and teams in the digital health sector. I create space for you to reflect on your purpose, direction and how to create meaningful impact.

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation.

How it works

I provide a free 15 minute introductory conversation to check that we are the right fit.

We then proceed to a 90 minute session to explore what you would like to work on and how we will work together. We continue with a series of between six and twelve 60 minute coaching sessions. I may give you the option to work on activities between sessions.

My approach is person-centred and asset based – building on your strengths and helping you clarify your goals as well as understanding what may be holding you back. 

All coaching sessions take place via video conferencing – Meet, Zoom or Teams, depending on what works best for you.

My prices vary depending on your circumstances, although tend to be between £90-150 (inc VAT) per session.

Victoria has been hugely influential on my growth as a digital leader. The wealth of NHS and digital health sector experience and knowledge that Victoria brings coupled with her friendly, open and engaging style has supported my development significantly, enabling me to build an more positive approach to my self-reflection, a wider understanding as to how I can maximise my potential and increase my resilience during challenging times. I would highly recommend Victoria as a mentor/coach for any new or established digital health leader

David Chalkley, pharmacist & associate chief clinical information officer

Investing in my learning has been a priority for me as I moved into a digital health leadership space. I was after a mentor to nurture my development, but I wanted one that was different; one that offered a unique perspective on the health system and digital industry. I was seeking an expert who could coach me on how to bring together the clinical, technical, entrepreneurial and academic realms together. I found this with Victoria and her unique knowledge and style.

During our mentoring sessions, I can tap into Victoria’s breadth of experience, which enables us to deeply explore issues from different perspectives. Victoria creates a safe space to compassionately discuss challenging areas such as the digital culture, politics and ethics and how to navigate the currents of tensions and change.

Victoria establishes a coaching atmosphere that brings the right balance of listening, constructive challenge, and encouragement to think differently. Working with Victoria I have been able to carve out short-, medium- and long-term career mapping opportunities. Victoria’s mentoring has made be excited about my future and where my career can take me next.

Melissa Andison, occupational therapist, digital health leader & digital CCIO advisory panel member